Who were the new Persian people Alexander hitched?

Alexander the great is known for several things. Overthrowing the newest Achaemenid empire at the an incredible speed, too much alcoholic beverages, and you will marrying persian girls.

Alexander partnered persian ladies mainly for proper aim. He wished that hooking up his Macedonian dynasty on the persian nobility carry out result in a familiar term who offer their kingdom stability.

Reasons for marrying persian female

Courtesy their powerful military Alexander the nice managed to beat the fresh new persian empire between the spring season away from 334 and you can february out-of 324 BC.

During these ten years, Alexander along with his troops had beat an area you to stretched from Greece regarding the Western into the Modern-go out Edging anywhere between India and you Elgin IL escort service can Pakistan regarding the East. One to prolonged off North Afghanistan south out-of Egypt.

All that was hit with a comparatively handful of troops. Read the rest of this entry