According to the consequence of the analysis, all perimenopausal participants have been intimately energetic (87

The research of one’s studies extracted from the analysis is actually sent aside having SPSS getting Screen (Analytical Plan getting Personal Science having Windows Version 10.0). Investigation of your own investigation was basically assessed having fun with commission examination.


Suggestions regarding participants’ awareness of a proper timing from providing right up birth control was shown in Table 2. Most of the members did not have people obvious suggestion regarding the appropriate time for abandoning birth-control.

About your current birth control steps used by the fresh new perimenopausal professionals, the newest detachment method is normally utilized (38.8%). Other conventional strategies was getting used in a common trends (18%), also vaginal lavage, genital Aspirin ® (salisilik asit tab.), plus this new installation away from a small sponge over loaded for the having fresh orange juice or cola strong to the pussy. Read the rest of this entry