From the personal domain, cash is provided definition by the relationships alone, and creates links anywhere between lovers

Regardless if whenever guys give money it assume gender from the near upcoming, teenagers usually highlight a break up within financial and also the sexual

Cash is used to to get social status, which have both sexes benefiting from people partners’ enhanced social standing. Females use money to buy deluxe circumstances, such as for example human anatomy creams and gels otherwise snacks, taking him or her appreciation off their co-worker. People prompt its girlfriends to buy instance facts, proud to bolster the positioning of their girlfriends, because the 19-year-old Christopher refers to:

I became giving this lady K20 otherwise K30 (20 to help you 29 cents) to make certain that she could pick a container out of Fanta at school. But when there is certainly an activities fits, I am able to offer the girl K50. There’s a would like one to she becomes more funds [at] a fit, so she can be noticeable among her household members, as a whole that is offered tons of money regarding this lady date. (Christopher, decades 19)

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