This alone perform question the thought of putting on high heel pumps are a typical element of relationship choices

To summarize, deeper sophistication is necessary beyond recognizing basic assumptions about the way that women was determined to seek the absolute most glamorous lover so you’re able to enhance their reproductive potential. People obviously don’t participate in intercourse exclusively to reproduce, as well as do not continue times in order to have sex. Beautification otherwise putting effort into the opting for attire may not always connect on push for reproductive victory and it will never be by any means regarding stepping into sexual activity. We dispute, hence, one to having fun with evolutionary ideas due to the fact reason behind research into individual behavior isn’t beneficial; and we suggest a shift in order to concepts according to emotional, sociological and you will social products.

Our qualitative deal with the issue selected from the Prokop and you can Svancarova (2020) casts real doubt towards assertion one sporting high heel pumps are a lady mating means. Even yet in their particular research, 38% of females claimed never wearing high heel shoes, 45% said using them once per month, and remaining 17% stated sporting them more than 2 times monthly. Read the rest of this entry