Perceptions toward cosmetic surgery certainly ladies in Asia while the Netherlands

Sandra Mulkens

3 Service regarding Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, Faculty out-of Wellness, Medication, and Lifetime Sciences; College to possess Mental health and you will Neuroscience, Maastricht College, Maastricht, Holland


Around the world, an increasing number of people, predominantly women, are choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery-despite the associated health risks. This Inmate dating site study aimed to promote a better cross-cultural understanding of the correlates and predictors of favorable attitudes toward cosmetic surgery among women in China (an Eastern country where cosmetic surgery is increasing most rapidly) and the Netherlands (a Western country). Questionnaire data were obtained from 763 adult women; 245 were Chinese women in China (Myears = ), 265 were Chinese women in the Netherlands (Mage = ), and 253 were Dutch women (Mage = ). Read the rest of this entry