Lesbians alot more accepted than gay guys around the globe, study finds

New research exploring the perceptions into nonheterosexual someone inside 23 Western and you can non-West countries located lesbians much more accepted than simply gay men as much as the country.

“I learned that homosexual men are hated more than lesbian women in almost any country we tested,” according to study, that has been held because of the around three Ny College or university psychologists and you will composed in the December issue of the new diary Public Therapy and you can Personality Research.

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Broadly, the study learned that “attitudes to your sexual minorities are robustly regarding viewpoints in regards to the gender program, alot more broadly.”

The analysis describes “sex norms” because the “generally shared public and you may social beliefs determining personality traits, behavior, and you will passion as the suitable and you can preferred to own either men or women however each other.” They states one to sex norms “suggest behavior you to definitely stamina a beneficial heteronormative system – that is, people compliant so you’re able to norms are seen while the ‘complements’ to one another, and this can make heterosexual coupling check expected and regular.”

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