Rubber O Ring An O-ring is a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring moulded from rubber. We manufacture different sizes of O Rings. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Round Cross Section Rubber O-Ring that are manufactured with high quality raw material. These products have widespread application in various industries. Manufactured using hand press machines and quality raw material, these are in tandem with the defined industry standards. Offered with us at market leading prices.
Rubber Check Valves We provide to our customers an extensive range of Rubber Check Valves that is highly recognized for their optimum quality, corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. Also, we make offered these products in various dimensions and sizes as per the requirements of our clients. These are provided by us moderately prices.

Rubber Diaphragm Rubber Diaphragms with Nylon Inserted, Reinforced in any polymer, used in Pneumatic hydraulic control valves, Actuators, Solindid valves, Counting instruments, Regulators etc.

We provide an exclusive range of Rubber Diaphragm which is offered in various sizes and other specifications. Our products are offered at reasonable prices and are highly required due to resistance to abrasion and durability.

Rubber Parts Mold We are a topmost manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Parts Mold that are manufactured using high quality rubber. The provided products are widely recognized for quality and dimensional accuracy. Due to these features and cost-efficiency, these products are utilized in various industries. All our products are offered in various sizes & shapes to cater to various demands of our customers.

Rubber Bellows: Rubber Bellow for protecting Shaft, RAM in Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinder to protect the ram from dust, water or any foreign particle, Bellows can be in any dimensions in any shapes & corrugations.

Our offered range of Rubber Bellows caters to the requirements of diverse industries. We provide high quality Rubber Bellows which are made from quality rubber. These are well reckoned for durability; our products are cost-effective and can be availed in various specifications. These are provided by us at most competitive rates.

Plate Heat Exchanger Gasket Rubber Gasket used in plate heat exchanger for sealing purpose, used at change in temperature in any liquid form, these heat exchangers are manufactured by ALFA – LAVAL, PRAJ INDIA, GEO – ECOFLEX, IDMC & other reputed heat exchanger manufacturers.
Glass Rubber Beading We offer to our clients a wide range of Glass Rubber Beading which are used in electrical boards, extruder products and in the front as well as side glasses of automobiles. These offer impeccable grip and are manufactured using in various shapes and sizes as required by the client. Glass Rubber Beading is highly durable and cost effective.
We are a trusted name in the industry for manufacturing and supplying Rubber Pulling Lagging, which are used for transferring fluids in several industries like fertilizers and chemicals. These lagging are lined with rubber for providing resistance against high temperature, pressure and corrosion. Their inner surface is non-reactive to acids and alkalis. Our products are manufactured according to client’s requirement.

Item Code: Flange expansion joint Rubber Expansion joints with (M.S. or S.S) backup flange installed in piping systems that are anchored on both sides of the joint.

No control rods are necessary. If control rods are installed as a safety measure, the locking nuts must be backed off with a clearance equal to the specified axial movement. The expansion joint will exert a thrust force on the anchors.

Rubber Liners: Rubber as a lining material has proved to be very useful in material handling applications due to its inherent dampening properties. The dampening effect of a rubber liner depends on angle of impact. Our Wear Resistant Rubber Liners are manufactured from special rubber compound, under high pressure moduling which imparts abrasion, impact & corrosion-resistant properties to the liners. We supply Wear Resistant Rubber Liners in solid type (SB-S) & reinforced type at hole position (SB-R).
Rubber Dock Fenders: Providing you the best range of Rubber Dock Fenders such as Cylindrical Fender, D Type Fender, W & M Type Fender, Key Hole Fender, Square and Rectangular Fender and Delta Fenders with effective & timely delivery.
Heavy Duty Rubber Fenders We are the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of wide assortment of Heavy Duty Rubber Fenders. The product range is fabricated using qualitative raw materials in compliance with set industrial quality norms and standards and is widely appreciated for dimensional stability, temperature and chemical resistance and high tensile strength. These are provided by us at most reasonable prices.
Teflon Products
Providing you the best range of Teflon Products such as Teflon Rings, Teflon Bush and Teflon Sheets with effective & timely delivery.
Rubber Washers We manufacture different sizes of Rubber Washers. We also manufacture Rubber Washers as per our customer’s sizes/drawings and customized technical requirements.
Rubber Cord Rubber Cords are round cross-sectioned extrusions which are generally used for gas kiting and often joined end-to-end to make O Rings.
Rubber Sheets Rubber Sheets serve multiple purposes. They are used for insulation, gas kiting, waterproofing, dampening and many other applications.
Rubber Seals Rubber Seals are used to fill the space between two or more irregular / imperfect mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression.
Rubber Pads Rubber Tubing / Sleeves are long hollow cylinders manufactured by rubber extrusion. They are generally used for Liquid Transfer, Insulation, Gas kiting or Gas Transfer.
Pipe Joint Gaskets Pipe Joint Gaskets are mechanical seals which fill the space between two pipes / flanges, creating a seal which is long lasting and water tight.
Rubber Bushes A rubber bush is a type of vibration isolator. It provides an interface between two parts, damping the energy transmitted through the bushing. Bushes made of rubber separate the faces of two metal objects while allowing a certain amount of movement.
Rubber Strips Our specially compounded Natural / Neoprene Rubber Strips are specially made for packing/sealing machine applications.
Sponge Gaskets Sponge Gaskets are usually used to fill the space between two or more highly irregular mating surfaces, generally to prevent leakage from or into the joined objects while under compression.
Perforated Sheets Perforated neoprene rubber sheet series of products can increase the ductility, breathable and cooling effect. Hole shapes include round, diamond, square, fancy etc.
Oil Seals Oil Seals used for Shaft Sealing in vertical or horizontal sealing in compressor, Gear Box, Motor to protect Oil, Water or any Liquid.
Rubber Tubing Rubber Tubing / Sleeves are long hollow cylinders manufactured by rubber extrusion. They are generally used for Liquid Transfer, Insulation, Gas kiting or Gas Transfer.
Rubber Profiles / Channels We manufacture different types or Rubber Profiles / Channels / Extrusions. We can also manufacture the channels as per customer drawings and customized requirements.
Double U Shear Mounting: gives excellent protection to instruments & electronic apparatus against transmitted vibration and shock. They are equally successful in isolating vibration from light machinery and vibratory feeders, protecting equipment in packing cases during transit and are also used for the suspension of factory trucks. Very easy to fit, the Double-U-Shear design is available in a range of sizes for loads of 2-200 kg per mounting. Part no 17/1225, 17/355 and 17/354 with various load and heights available…
Metal to Rubber Bonded Products: We manufacture SANDWICH MOUNT having 3 metal plates moulded with Rubber to absorb vibration coming from equipment. SANDWICH MOUNT Has two holes on top and bottom plates so that it helps to fix the equipment.
Item Code: Gunmetal / Brass bush We manufacture various types and sizes of Gunmetal/Brass bush, metal to rubber bonded bushes as per customers’ requirement.
Rubber PTFE Diaphragm: These products have PTFE. On material on one side and the other side bonded with rubber. The rubber material can be natural or synthetic, as per functional requirements. These are manufactured according to customer requirements, plain or in various profiles. Teflon. On material gives toughness, chemical resistance properties, whereas rubber material provides flexibility.
Flue Duct Expansion Joints: Flue, duct expansion joints are designed to handle hot air or gases in industrial duct work, as well as those generated by power plant and pollution control equipment. They are custom constructed of rubber and fabric to absorb thermal movements and vibration in duct work and to aid in the elimination of noises caused by scrubber equipment and mechanical dust collectors. Installation is easy and connectors and expansion joints are available in many materials and configurations.


Rubber Linings have proved to be very useful in material handling applications due to their inherent dampening properties. The dampening effect of a Rubber Linings depends on angle of impact. Wear Resistant Rubber Linings are manufactured from special rubber compound by high pressure moulding, which imparts abrasion, impact, and corrosion resistant properties to these liners. Our range of Rubber Linings comprises Rubber Pipe Linings, Rubber Tank Linings, and Rubber Vessel Linings.

Using the most advanced technology, the Rubber Linings are produced in different thicknesses to be used in a variety of industrial situations. Our Rubber Linings are ideal to protect metal surfaces from corrosion /corrosive fluid. For instance, in piping handling Sea Water whose base pipe is plain carbon steel and the inside is quoted with Rubber, Rubber Linings can be used to avoid contact of water with Steel.

The Rubber Linings Plates are available in solid type (SB-S) & reinforced type at hole position (SB-R). The wear pattern of these elements can be predicted fairly accurately which enables proper maintenance planning & hence reduces the overall costs.

Areas of Applications Rubber Linings provide solutions for the
  • Chemical
  • Mining
  • Fertilizer
  • Electrochemical
  • Steel
  • Transportation
  • Environment sectors
  • Toughest abrasion and corrosion applications
  • Extreme chemical environments
  • Severe wear situations
  • Resistance to acids
  • Impact Protection
  • Noise Reduction
  • Water Treatment and Effluent Treatment


  • Enhanced elasticity & dampening property absorbs impact loads providing cushioning effect
  • High resilience dissipates the heat load developed due to intermittent loading
  • Fire resistance from red hot bulk materials conforming protection to the structure
  • Low hardness compared to steel, reduces mineral degradation & tonnage loss in sized mineral handling


  • Longer life resulting lower cost per ton
  • Less weight with respect to steel, hence easier to install
  • Safe operation & prevents conveyor damage
  • Lower inventories can be maintained due to predictable wear pattern